Empowering the Financial Success​ of Your Nonprofit

Get expert bookkeeping specifically tailored​ to your unique nonprofit needs and unlock the full potential​ of your finances.


Professional Bookkeeping Solutions for Nonprofits

Forget juggling spreadsheets and navigating complex forms. Foothills Bookkeeping simplifies and automates your finances, empowering you to focus on what truly matters—your mission’s impact. We understand the unique hurdles nonprofits face, and our tailored bookkeeping solutions bridge the gap between financial chaos and clarity.

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Comprehensive QuickBooks Online Setup and Continuous Support

Foothills Bookkeeping simplifies the intricate financial dynamics of nonprofits. We offer a tailored QuickBooks Online setup and ongoing management, ensuring your financial handling is both smooth and effective. Consider us as your ally in finance, committed to enhancing your bookkeeping practices. The result? More time, fewer errors, and instant access to financial updates. This empowers you to concentrate on your core mission—impacting your community.

In-Depth Financial Analysis and Report Generation

A clear financial picture for your nonprofit is crucial for informed decision-making and upholding donor trust. Our service includes creating and delivering accurate financial reports, reflecting your organization’s true financial state. This helps you secure funding, plan future endeavors, and ensure donor accountability.

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Strategic Cash Flow Oversight and Budget Planning

Successful nonprofits require cash flow management and thoughtful budgeting. We guide you in understanding your cash flow, helping you to make informed, proactive choices, prevent liquidity challenges, and prepare for future expenditures.

Our customized budgeting and forecasting strategy caters to your nonprofit’s specific needs, making sure every dollar is allocated and utilized. With this approach, you can focus on expanding your organization and fulfilling your goals, confident that your financial affairs are expertly handled.

Why Choose us

Your Trusted Partner in Nonprofit Financial Management

We believe in forging sustainable, long-term partnerships. With QB certification, MBA expertise, and a heart for nonprofits, the owner and head bookkeeper Anna brings a unique combination of professional acumen and personal commitment to each task, focusing on delivering value and not just transactions. Your financial success is always our top priority.

A Personalized Approach to Your Nonprofits' Needs

We specialize in understanding and addressing the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. Our personalized approach aligns your bookkeeping with your goals so you can make informed decisions and stay accountable to donors.

Catering for All Your Financial Needs

From QuickBooks Online setup to complex fund accounting, we offer a complete range of services catering to your financial needs. Our 360-degree approach saves you time and money, freeing you from the overwhelm of DIY solutions. You can focus on your core mission—not financial complexities.

Proactive Communications and Support

You can count on us to be highly responsive and always available to address your questions. Regular check-ins coupled with unlimited support mean you are always in the loop, ensuring transparency and trust every step of the way.

Take the First Step to Financial Clarity and Peace of Mind

Ready to revolutionize your nonprofit’s financials in just 30 days? Schedule your free consultation today.

During this consultation, we will discuss your individual needs and how our bookkeeping solutions can save you time, reduce stress, and move your mission forward.


It’s not just balancing books but giving you the room to focus on what matters in your nonprofit.